ORF Home Inspections, LLC focuses on providing the very best home consultations and inspections in St. Charles County and surrounding areas. Chris Orf is the owner and principal inspector. ORF Home Inspections, LLC follows the InterNACHI Standards of Practice. InterNACHI represents more than 5,000 professional independent home inspectors and more than 80 chapters across the U.S. and Canada. InterNACHI maintains the most rigorous standards of practice and code of ethics enhancing professionalism in U.S. home inspection services. InterNACHI is the ‘Gold Standard’ of the home inspection industry. As the largest, oldest and most respected professional association for home inspectors, InterNACHI has the most industry-stringent requirements.

Chris’ continuing education provides him the best opportunity to learn about structural and mechanical systems as well as remain current on residential building practices, procedures, and real estate issues affecting the local St. Charles County and surrounding area real estate and housing markets.

ORF Home Inspections, LLC inspections may take longer than most, because we are very thorough. We not only try to detect and report all the significant major deficiencies, we point out issues or concerns that may avoid future expense and repairs, and also recommend possible upgrades to improve safety and function. Chris explains all findings so they are easily understood, answers your questions and may make recommendations on how deficiencies can be repaired.

We may be referred by your agent, but you hire us, we work FOR YOU and only you, it’s that simple. Our inspectors are prohibited from receiving compensation (in any form) for referrals from realtors or builders, and performing paid repairs on houses they inspect. We’ll attempt to find every significant deficiency and report it accurately, objectively, without bias.

ORF Home Inspections, LLC demonstrates and fulfills our professional obligation to you by promoting and proclaiming that our inspections are compliant with AHIT Certification and the InterNACHI Standards of Practice

ORF Home Inspections, LLC delivers the most professional and comprehensive Property Inspection Reports in St. Charles County and surrounding areas. Our reports are site-specific—jam packed with important information about the property and complete with lots of high def color photos. For a sample report, click HERE.


Not every company belongs to the Better Business Bureau. And not all companies that belong to the Better Business Bureau …


Our Home Inspection Guarantee At ORF Home Inspections, LLC, we offer a very simple, no fine print guarantee and we’re …

What Is Inspected

What is inspected with a professional ORF Home Inspection? A professional home inspection is an unbiased examination of the installed …


Our Home Inspection Guarantee

At ORF Home Inspections, LLC, we offer a very simple, no fine print guarantee and we’re not satisfied unless you are.

Here’s how it works…
Attend your Home Inspection and if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the “Quality” of the home inspection service, just tell the Inspector before receiving your report and we’ll either make it right, or you don’t pay the fee! Plus we’ll pay the cost (equal to or less than our initial cost) for another professional home inspector (of your choosing) to perform a second inspection. Why?? Because your satisfaction is important to us!
That’s Our Iron-Clad Guarantee To YOU.

How Can We Guarantee Our Inspections?
We Find The Defects That Cost Big $$$- The end result is you save more money. Most contracts obligate the seller to make repairs or give you credit at closing. The more defects your inspector finds, the more money you save.
We Don’t Rush- We don’t do more than 2 inspections per day. This allows us the time to do a thorough inspection of your new home. This also means we charge more than most of our competitors. You don’t want a cheap inspection. A cheap inspection may be the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy, it may cost you thousands of dollars down the road because of missed or overlooked defects. Cheap inspectors often know less and do less, which is one reason they charge less.
Bottom line- The more thorough we are, the more defects we find – the more money you save.

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We Leave You Protected!

At ORF Home Inspections, we not only do the most thorough inspection in the market, we leave behind a series of guarantees that protect you long after we are gone!

91 Day Protection

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Roof Protection

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Appliance Protection

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Mold Protection

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Radon Protection

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“We Assist” Concierge Service

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Orf Home Inspections prides itself on one thing – happy customers! Without them, we simply have no business. Your satisfaction is our sole reason for existing. For that reason….

I recommend Orf Home Inspection to all my clients! They provide top notch service from the very first phone call and beyond. I have worked with many inspections company’s in my Real Estate career and Orf surpasses them all in every way including customer service, professionalism during inspections, thorough easy to understand inspection reports and fa-nominal follow up with me and my clients!

Sandy Povis

Sandy Polis

It seems unbelievable to me, but I’ve been a Realtor over 20 years. I’ve interacted with several inspectors over time. I have NEVER had one of them go the extra mile for a client as I have seen with Orf Home Inspections. Dropping everything to help a client in need time and again. I am impressed and happy to be a partner with such a caring inspection team. Highly recommend trying them- you won’t be disappointed!

Karen Wedde-Josef

Karen Wedde Josef

I recently joined BNI St. Charles and our chapter is looking for a highly skilled and customer focused home inspector. I put feelers out in the community and this business, Orf Home Inspections, kept coming up as the best in the area…a customer focused and highly skilled home inspector. I met Chris when I was looking at joining BNI. He is a member of BNI Success Express, one of the other top chapters in our area. It was very cool to know the caliber of businesses I joined when I joined BNI. I am proud to say I know who he is and, based on the feedback from the community, so do many others. Chris, I hope you see this and know you are doing something right!

Alex Aanderud

Alex Aanderud

Mr. Orf… We have another Veteran in their own home thanks to having you on our “team”. In fact, during this selling season You have greatly enhanced our efforts. Your new ideas for our clients and great follow through enhance the home buyer’s experience. We have also found you to be a very honorable person in your care of our mutual clients.

Leo Lawrence

Leo Lawrence