Like the electrical system of the house, plumbing is built-in. Is the system sufficient for the house? What materials have been used to create your plumbing system? Are there any leaks? Is it all to code? Plumbing problems can be major and can be expensive. You need to have the entire system thoroughly inspected before you buy!

Electrical System

The electrical system in your home is one of the major systems that is critical to the safe functioning of your home. Is your service sufficient for your needs? Is all of the wiring and, outlets, fixtures, etc. up to code? Wiring runs through most walls, and many floors and ceilings. It’s critical that you know the condition of the entire system not only from the standpoint of functionality but also safety.

Insulation, Termites, Mold, Radon, Etc.

Closely associated with most roofing is insulation. While it is generally not applied directly to the roofing (because the roof requires good air circulation to stay “healthy”), it’s most common and most important application is as a layer between the roof area and the living space in the house. Because heat rises, keeping the heat from being lost into the attic or rafter area, and keeping the heat or cold from the summer or winter out of the living area, is the primary purpose of insulation.  Along with the insulation in the roofing area, all external walls need to be properly insulated as well. And windows, while not directly insulated in the traditional sense of the word, have higher or lower abilities to keep heat or cold from the living area as well. We inspect all visible insulation and consider this an important component in our home inspection, because heating and cooling costs are some of the largest expenses in maintaining a home year after year.

Along with insulation, there are a number of one-time checks that should always be done. Is there any sign of termite damage past or present? Any sign of mold? Some molds are a nuisance, others are deadly.

Are there any dangerous fumes? Outgassing? Etc.


Your foundation is, well your foundation!  It’s one of the most critical elements of a home. Everything rests on it, literally. And everything depends on it being sound.  An unsound foundation can have all sorts of negative consequences, from cracks, to leakage, to settling. It is critical that your house have a sound foundation. While there are repairs for most foundation problems, some of them can be severe and expensive. Better to know in advance!