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A mold infestation in your residential or commercial property can cause a variety health woes. Even worse, mold can be extremely difficult to catch and get rid of without professional intervention. Specialists from Orf Home Inspections use precision-based methods to pinpoint mold growth in and around your St Louis home and property. They’ll review the different solutions to have the mold treated and provide you with a detailed report to share with insurance and renovation companies. We always remain up-to-date the industry’s most recent advances to make sure we’re providing exceptional services. 

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Precision-based Mold Testing in Boschertown

If you’ve experienced any growth of black mold in humidity-prone places within your home or it’s flooded lately, it’s critical to set-up a mold test. The tests administered by Orf Home Inspections will accurately distinguish mold spores that are circulating throughout your St Louis home. We’ll also conduct a thorough visual inspection of the property.

Boschertown’s Trusted Mold Inspection Company

Here at Orf Home Inspections, we’re proud to provide quality mold testing to customers in St Louis. Our team always works hard to make the inspection process as simple as possible from start to finish. Whether your home was flooded or there’s a damp smell in the air, you’re probably dealing with a mold issue. And that’s why our experienced staff is standing by and ready when when you most need us. 

To schedule a mold inspection in Boschertown, just contact Orf Home Inspections today at 314-473-6187 or fill in the short form on our website.

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