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Sewer Scope Camera Inspection

What We Inspect

Thanks to modern technology, the best way to inspect the sewer line is by using a non-invasive sewer scope. 

Because the sewer scope camera can be fed to the pipework and go through the system letting the technician a have full view of any possible concerns without the necessity to excavate the pipe, a sewer scope inspection provides a stress-free and totally safe alternative to digging up the yard or driveway to investigate.

There’s no mess or clean up required since the pipes can be seen electronically, with minimal intrusion.

When Is A Sewer Scope Necessary?

Oftentimes, a well concern can be revealed by the sewer scope before it becomes a major issue, allowing you to conduct preventive maintenance, effectively preventing catastrophic and expensive plumbing repairs later on.

Apart from troubleshooting suspected sewer line concerns, a sewer camera proves to be good for those buying a new home.

A sewer camera can efficiently detect blockages, tree roots, separation in pool pipes and cracks, which might otherwise go undetected by interested buyers and home inspectors.

Types of Deficiencies

  • Blocks
  • Bellies
  • Cracks/Damaged
  • Misalignment
  • Root Growth
  • Aged/Worn
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