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Pre-Listing Inspection

Why is a Pre listing Inspection Is Important

01. No Surprises

With having your own pre-listing inspection, you can be aware of issues before a buyer approaches you.

Therefore, you can better understand the issues of your property and items that may hold the transaction from moving forward.

02. More Freedom

By finding the problems in your home before it is listed, you have the freedom to address the issues that are important and leave others as-is. This assists in the negotiation process when a buyer may request items to be fixed.

03. Marketing

You can show the inspection report to potential buyers to give them peace of mind that you did your due diligence with finding and fixing issues in the home. This helps the buyer purchase with more confidence.

What is a Pre listing Inspection

A pre-listing home inspection is no different than a buyer’s home inspection when it comes to the inspection itself.  The only real differences are, who the is inspection for, and when is the inspection performed.  The pre-listing home inspection is performed for the seller of the property and is usually done prior to putting the home on the market.

Why is a Pre listing Inspection Important

The importance of a pre-listing home inspection is to help the seller better understand the condition of their home and the repairs that need to be made prior to listing the home or to reflect the asking price considering the needed repairs.  This will usually help speed up negotiations and keep the seller from being surprised during the transaction.

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