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Boschertown Radon Testing

What to Know About Radon Gas?

Radon is a common cancer-causing chemical. Radon gas is proven to lead to lung cancer in humans.

38%+ of houses in the Boschertown area have a radon gas saturation near or above the carcinogenic level.

Radon gas comes from the dirt, not the house. No home, newly built or longstanding, is immune to radon gas contamination.

Each property meshes with the dirt underneath it in a different way. This is part of the reason why homes next to others often have dramatically different radon saturation.

Radon gas levels will change on different days and monthly within a reasonable range. A quick radon gas sample is a snapshot and a dependable indicator of if the home has radon gas contamination.

Radon gas has a half-life of only a few days. radon gas levels won’t be any greater if the property is sealed for months, days, or years.

How Does Radon Gas Penetrate the house?

It may surprise you to know that homes are not 100% airtight.

Vapors may seep in through each ground-facing gap in the house such as sump drains, pipeworks, and even minor flaws in the foundation.

Your method to know certainly the accumulation of radon gas in the home is to order a radon test.

Radon Testing Method

Testing a property for radon is an important process when offered alongside a property transaction.

The radon expert will place the radon probes on the property. Radon probes are located in crawl spaces, the level above crawl spaces, and any room touching the earth. Typically, a few probes are left in the home for radon measurement.

The radon gas technician will shut every window, seal the vent on the chimney, and make certain the heating and cooling system is operating in the standard manner. Our radon technician will also treat every required window with anti-tampering tape to ensure that closed home standards are met.

The radon gas monitors remain in the home for 2-3 days analyzing the prevalence of radon gas in the home. An expert will return to the building after the radon test is complete to remove the monitors and write a report.

Contact us today for a no-cost consultation! Our radon testing experts will come out to help you with your property, measure your space, and get you going on making your Boschertown house one you can take pride in!

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