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Bridgeton Radon Testing

What Should I Know About Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring carcinogen. Radon is known to instigate lung cancer in humans.

Many houses in the Bridgeton area have a radon level higher than the DNS action level.

Radon gas comes from the dirt, not the structure. No home, newly built or longstanding, is exempt from radon gas infiltration.

Every home interacts with the dirt underneath it uniquely. That is part of the reason why homes next to others have majorly different radon concentrations.

Radon gas accumulation will shift every day and with the seasons inside a reasonable range. A short-term radon gas sample measures a small period and is a good bellwether of if the property has a radon gas issue.

Radon has a dangerous duration of about half of a week. This means that radon saturation will not be worse if the property is enclosed for years or months.

How Does Radon Infiltrate your home?

Surprisingly, homes are not airtight.

Gas may suffuse through each ground-facing gap in the house such as sump pumps, plumbing, and invisible imperfections in the concrete foundation.

Your method to know confidently the accumulation of radon gas in the abode is to have a radon test.

Radon Gas Test Steps

Probing a property for radon gas is an important procedure when delivered concurrently with a house sale.

A radon gas technician will install the radon monitors in the house. Radon detectors will be placed in crawl spaces and on the first floor. For most properties, several devices are located in the structure for the radon analysis.

Our radon professional will shut windows, seal the damper on the chimney, and make sure the heater or AC is operating in the required manner. The radon professional will also mark all indicated windows with anti-tampering tape to ensure that closed-house conditions are maintained.

The radon devices are stored in the building for a few days to record the levels of radon gas in the property. A specialist will revisit the structure after the radon test is finished to take the devices and create a report.

Contact us today for a no-cost price estimate! Our radon testing staff will come to visit to hear about your property, measure the area, and get you started on making your Bridgeton home one you can take pride in!

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