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Chesterfield, MO Radon Testing

What’s Radon Gas?

Radon gas is a common carcinogen. It is known to lead to lung cancer in children and adults.

38%+ of properties in the Chesterfield area have a radon saturation near or above the actionable level.

Radon naturally occurs in the soil, not the structure. No house, newly built or longstanding, is fully encapsulated against radon intrusion.

Each and every house interacts with the soil underneath it differently. This is part of the reason why homes adjoining others often have radically different radon concentrations.

Radon gas levels will shift every day and monthly inside a safe range. A one-time radon sample is a snapshot and a dependable indicator of whether or not the land has a radon accumulation.

Radon has a dangerous duration of only a few days. This means that radon gas levels will not be higher if the house is closed for years, months, or days.

How Does Radon Gas Infiltrate the dwelling?

Houses are not supposed to be completely draft-proof.

Radon can seep in through every penetration in the structure such as drains, pipes, and slight imperfections in the foundation.

The method to know with confidence the saturation of radon gas in the abode is to run a radon test.

Your Radon Test Method

Testing a property for radon gas is a unique procedure when done with a house sale.

The radon specialist will position the radon analyzers in the house. Radon analyzers will be situated in crawl spaces, the level above crawl spaces, and any room touching the earth. Normally between 1 and 3 analyzers are installed in the house for the radon analysis.

The radon technician will seal windows, shut the vent on the fireplace, and make sure the HVAC system is running in the standard manner. Our radon professional will additionally treat any required window with anti-tampering tape to make sure that closed-house standards are upheld.

The radon probes are left in the structure for a few days measuring the amount of radon gas in the structure. An expert will revisit the property after the radon test is finished to recover the probes and write a report.

Call us today for a no-cost price estimate! Our Chesterfield, MO radon testing experts will meet with you to hear about your property, take measurements, and get you started on making your Chesterfield house one you can take pride in!

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