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Creve Coeur Radon Testing

What to Know About Radon Gas?

Radon is a common-place cause of cancer. It is scientifically proven to cause lung cancer in humans.

A large number of houses in the Creve Coeur area have a radon level above the dangerous level.

Radon filters out of the topsoil, not the home. No structure, new or old, is immune to radon infiltration.

Every house meshes with the ground beneath it in a different manner. This is why properties next to one another often have majorly different radon gas levels.

Radon gas accumulation will shift on different days and monthly within an acceptable range. A one-time radon test measures a small period and is a reliable metric of if the home has a radon problem.

Radon has a half-life of only days. Accordingly, radon saturation won’t be higher if the property is sealed for years, months, or days.

How Does Radon Infiltrate a structure?

Houses are not built to be entirely gas-proof.

Radon may infiltrate through each penetration in the home such as sump pits, plumbing pipes, and slight imperfections in the foundation.

The method to know with certainty the accumulation of radon gas in the property is to have a radon test.

Our Radon Testing Method

Testing a house for radon is a unique procedure when done alongside a house transaction.

Our radon professional will place the radon gas monitors in the house. Radon gas monitors will be placed on any level that touches the ground. Normally several devices are left in the home for the radon analysis.

The radon gas professional will seal windows, shut the damper on the fireplace, and make sure the heating and cooling system is running in a standard manner. The radon gas specialist will also seal every indicated window with tamper-proof tape to confirm that closed-house requirements are met.

The radon probes remain in the building for several days analyzing the levels of radon gas in the building. An expert will come back to the structure once the radon test is complete to recover the probes and generate a report.

Call us today for a zero-cost consultation! Our Creve Coeur radon testing staff will come out to ask about your property, measure the area, and get you started on making your Creve Coeur property one you can take pride in!

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