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Eureka Radon Testing

What’s Radon Gas?

Radon is a dangerous cancer-causing agent. Radon is scientifically proven to cause lung cancer in children and adults.

38%+ of properties in the Eureka area have a radon gas concentration above the actionable limit.

Radon gas comes from the dirt, not the structure. No home- new or old – is exempt from radon gas infiltration.

Each house interfaces with the topsoil beneath it uniquely. This is why houses next door to others can have majorly different radon gas saturation.

Radon gas concentration will change on different days and with the seasons within a safe range. A one-time radon gas sample is a snapshot and a dependable metric of if the land has a radon problem.

Radon has a lifespan of only a few days. That means that radon gas saturation won’t be any greater if the home is closed for years, months, or days.

How Does Radon Gas Seep into the home?

No home is airtight.

Radon gas may suffuse through every ground-facing gap in the structure such as sump pits, plumbing, and minor cracks in the concrete work.

The method to know with confidence the accumulation of radon gas in the property is to run a radon test.

Radon Gas Testing Procedures

Probing a dwelling for radon gas is a special service when done concurrently with a house sale.

The radon expert will place the radon gas analyzers in the home. Radon analyzers will be installed on any level that touches the ground. On average multiple devices are placed in the house for the radon gas measurement.

The radon technician will seal every window, seal the flue on the chimney, and confirm the air conditioning is running in the prescribed manner. Our radon gas technician will also mark all necessary windows with tamper indication tape to confirm that closed home requirements are maintained.

The radon gas probes are stored in the home for several days to analyze the saturation of radon gas in the building. A specialist will come back to the structure after the radon test is done to take the analyzers and generate a report.

Contact us today for a zero-cost estimate! Our radon testing consultants will come to visit to help you with your property, measure the area, and get you on target on making your Eureka home one you can take pride in!

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