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A mold issue in your home or business can cause an assortment of health woes. Even worse, mold can be extremely challenging to expose and clear way without professional assistance. The seasoned technicians from Orf Home Inspections can precisely detect mold growth anywhere in your St Louis home and property. They’ll discuss your options to get the mold taken out and provide you with a report to share with your insurance company and remodeling companies. We keep up-to-date emerging industry trends to make sure we’re providing high-quality services. 

When you team up with Orf Home Inspections, you can look forward to:

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Accurate Mold Testing in Fenton

If you’ve experienced mold growing in humid places within your home or it’s experienced flooding recently, it’s imperative to schedule mold testing as soon as possible. The tests completed by Orf Home Inspections can analyze any fungal spores that are infesting your home in St Louis. This also includes a full visual inspection throughout your home.

Fenton’s Go-to Mold Inspection Company

Here at Orf Home Inspections, we’re committed to giving dependable mold testing and inspections to homeowners in St Louis. Our crew will work hard to make the inspection process as convenient as possible every step of the way. Whether your home has had recent flooding or there’s a mildewy smell in the air, you might be dealing with a mold issue. And that’s exactly why our experienced staff is on hand and ready when you need us. 

To set-up an appointment for your mold inspection in Fenton, simply contact Orf Home Inspections today at 314-473-6187 or submit the convenient contact form on our website.

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