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Ferguson Radon Testing

What’s Radon Gas?

Radon gas is a Class A cancer-causing chemical. It is proven to lead to lung cancer in people.

A large number of homes in the Ferguson area have a radon gas saturation above the DNS action level.

Radon seeps out of the dirt, not the home. No home, new or old, is exempt from radon gas.

Each property interacts with the topsoil differently. This is why homes adjacent to others may have radically different radon gas accumulation.

Radon accumulation will fluctuate daily and monthly inside an acceptable range. A short-term radon test measures a single day or week and is a solid metric of whether or not the property has radon gas contamination.

Radon gas has a lifespan of 3.8 days. Accordingly, radon gas concentration will not be any higher if the property is sealed for days, months, or years.

How Does Radon Penetrate a dwelling?

Houses are not supposed to be 100% airtight.

Radon gas can enter through any penetration in the property such as drains, plumbing, and even minor gaps in the concrete work.

The method to know confidently the levels of radon in the house is to order a radon test.

Your Radon Gas Test Steps

Sampling a home for radon gas is a unique process when done concurrently with a real estate purchase.

Your radon gas expert will situate the radon gas detectors in the house. Radon probes will be placed in crawl spaces and on the first floor. For most properties between one and three probes are left in the home for the radon analysis.

The radon gas expert will seal every window and door, seal the damper on the fireplace, and confirm the heater or AC is functioning in the prescribed manner. The radon expert will additionally treat all required windows with anti-tampering tape to make sure that closed home requirements are upheld.

The radon probes are left in the home for several days to measure the amount of radon gas in the building. An expert will come back to the property once the radon test is completed to remove the monitors and create a report.

Call us today for a no-cost pricing estimate! Our radon testing staff will come to visit to learn more about your property, take measurements, and get you on target for making your Ferguson property one you can enjoy completely!

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