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Flint Hill Radon Testing

What’s Radon?

Radon gas is a common cause of cancer. It is well known to instigate lung cancer in humans.

38%+ of homes in the Flint Hill area have a radon gas concentration near or above the actionable level.

Radon gas filters out of the soil, not the home. No structure, newly built or longstanding, is fully encapsulated against radon gas intrusion.

Each house interacts with the topsoil uniquely. This is why homes next door to one another have majorly different radon concentrations.

Radon levels will change daily and with the seasons inside of an acceptable range. A one-time radon gas test measures a small period and is an accurate indicator of whether or not the land has radon saturation.

Radon gas has a half-life of 3.8 days. That means that radon gas saturation will not be any higher if the property is sealed for years, months, or days.

How Does Radon Penetrate your structure?

No property is entirely gas-proof.

Radon will enter through any penetration in the home such as drainage, pipes, and even minor flaws in the concrete slab or foundation.

Your way to know confidently the levels of radon in the abode is to have a radon test.

Our Radon Gas Test Steps

Inspecting a property for radon gas is a unique service when offered as a part of a real estate transaction.

A radon gas expert will place the radon gas detectors in the house. Radon gas monitors are situated on any level that touches the ground. Normally up to three monitors are located in the house for the radon test.

Your radon technician will seal every window and door, shut the flue on the chimney, and ensure the HVAC system is running in the standard manner. Your radon specialist will also mark any required window with tamper-proof tape to confirm that closed-home standards are maintained.

The radon devices stay in the building for several days measuring the prevalence of radon gas in the building. A professional will revisit the house once the radon measurement is done to return the devices and create a report.

Contact us today for a no-pressure estimate! Our radon testing experts will come to visit to ask about your property, take measurements, and get you started on making your Flint Hill home one you can take pride in!

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