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A mold problem in your residential or commercial property can create an assortment of health woes. That being said, mold can be very tough to identify and mitigate without professional intervention. The experienced technicians from Orf Home Inspections use precision-based techniques to diagnose mold growth around your St Louis home. They’ll review the different ways to get the mold taken out and provide you with a detailed report to share with your insurance agent and renovation companies. We keep up-to-date with advances in the industry so we’re providing exceptional services. 

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Precise Mold Testing Service in Lake St Louis

If you’ve noticed any black mold growth in damp places in your home or it’s experienced flooding lately, then it’s important to get a mold test performed as soon as possible. Orf Home Inspections’s tests will be able to accurately analyze any fungal spores that could be circulating around your St Louis home. We’ll also perform a detailed visual inspection of your property.

Lake St Louis’s Best Mold Inspection Company

Here at Orf Home Inspections, we’re committed to giving responsive mold inspections to clients in St Louis. Our crew always does their best to make the inspection process as streamlined as possible from beginning to close. Whether your home has flooded or you’ve noticed a dank odor in the air, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a mold issue. That’s why our expert staff is just a phone call away when when you most need us. 

To schedule a mold inspection in Lake St Louis, simply contact Orf Home Inspections today at 314-473-6187 or submit the convenient contact form on our website.

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