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O’Fallon Radon Testing

What to Know About Radon?

Radon gas is a Class cancer-causing chemical. Radon is proven to instigate lung cancer in humans.

Many houses in the O’Fallon area have a radon gas saturation above the actionable limit.

Radon gas naturally occurs in the silt, not the structure. No structure, newly built or longstanding, is fully shielded from radon infiltration.

Every property interfaces with the dirt underneath it differently. This is part of the reason why houses adjoining others may have radically different radon gas levels.

Radon gas accumulation will change every day and seasonally within a safe range. A quick radon sample measures a single day or week and is a good metric of whether or not the land has radon contamination.

Radon gas has a dangerous duration of 3.8 days. Accordingly, radon gas concentration won’t be any greater if the structure is sealed for months, days, or years.

How Does Radon Filter into your property?

Houses are not built to be entirely hermetically sealed.

Gaseous contaminants will seep in through every penetration in the property such as sump pumps, plumbing, and slight flaws in the concrete work.

Your way to know certainly the saturation of radon in the abode is to contract a radon test.

Radon Gas Test Procedure

Measuring a house for radon gas is a unique process when delivering a real estate purchase.

Our radon technician will install the radon probes on the property. Radon gas detectors will be located on any level that touches the ground. On average up to three monitors are left in the house for the radon measurement.

Your radon gas expert will seal every window and door, seal the vent on the chimney, and ensure the air conditioning is running in the prescribed manner. Our radon technician will also treat all indicated windows with tamper indication tape to ensure that ventilation conditions are maintained.

The radon gas devices remain in the building for 2-3 days to record the amount of radon gas in the structure. An expert will come back to the building after the radon measurement is finished to recover the devices and write a report.

Give us a call today for a no-cost pricing estimate! Our radon testing staff will come out to ask about your property, measure the area, and get you started on making your O’Fallon house one you can take pride in!

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